Ocean sailing is a transportation system introduced on October 9, 2006.


Type "embark (ship name) to embark. Unlike river boats you can embark with No Quit and while engaged in combat.

You do not have to put space between words, i.e. "embark black swan" and "embark blackswan" both work.

Look log at the Stern for command instructions;

A tattered leather bound ledger lies here. In it are instructions for the crew.
To steer the ship "sail direction". 
To throw off unwanted passengers, the captain can tell the crew to "cast overboard name".
To get off the ship, "disembark" when at a port.
To get off a gangplank one can "jump overboard", but you'll have to swim to the shore!
To abandon ship, "jump overboard" at the bow, but you'll have to swim to the shore!

You can only move (sail) once every tick. An emote message appears when you can sail again.

Examples of the message;

A sailor takes a mop and starts scrubbing the deck.
A sailor neatly coils a rope on the front deck.
A sailor calls out as he sees a giant fish alongside the ship.

On auto-sailing ships like (needs more ships info), Merchant Wind and Atha'Miere Raker board the ship once it is docked (by going Up as the exit is opened) and type offer.

Then enter to see what the cost is for you (player level divided by 4, rounded down).

Give X amount to mob (dockmaster or captain), and you will board the ship.

You cannot bring your horse on some of the auto-sailing ships.


Region Zone Room Ship Clan Ship
Arad Doman Bandar Eban (zone) End of the Pier The Silver Sword
Illian City of Illian The Stone Docks of Illian The Horn of Valere Golden Bee
Jafar Isle Jafar On the Pier of Isle Jafar The Victory of Jafar
Mayene Mayene (city) On a Long Dock Golden Hawk
Shadow Coast The Shadow Coast East The Shores of the Aryth The Black Swan
Tarabon West City of Tanchico Water's Edge on the Calpene The Golden Tree
Tear Tear (city) The City Docks The Silverpike Silver Cresent
Toman Head Falme Center Wharf Dauntless
Tremalking Southwest Tremalking A Dock at the Edge of the Pier The Windchaser

Ocean map

                 [ ]----[X]Bandar Eban 
        [ ]------[ ]----[X]Falme
         ¦        ¦     
         ¦        ¦                      Illian            Tear     Mayene
   Jafar[X]      [ ]----[X]Tanchico     [X]               [X]      [X]
                  ¦                      ¦                 ¦        ¦
                  ¦                      ¦                 ¦        ¦
        [ ]------[ ]---------[ ]--------[ ]------[ ]------[ ]------[ ]
         ¦        ¦
         ¦        ¦
        [X]      [X]
Tremalking        Amadicia