Offensive bonus (OB) is a bonus which is a rating of a character's ability to land attacks on an enemy and deal damage.

Offensive bonus suffers the smallest penalty from Encumbrance due to worn/carried weight compared to Dodge bonus or Parry bonus.

A character's naked offensive bonus is a function of their Level and Mood. Offensive bonus is increased through equipping a Weapon and practicing the appropriate Warrior skill for that weapon's class (Rogue skill for Short blades). When wielding a weapon, a character's Strength (Str) affects their offensive bonus.

Similar to parry bonus, a character's mood impacts not only their naked OB, but the OB gained from weapons.

The offensive bonus of a weapon itself can be increased slightly by having it Hardened at a Master Blacksmith for a fee.

A character's Ride level, when mounted, can also increase their offensive bonus. Trolloc players get a small boost to their offensive bonus to make up for their inability to ride.

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