Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Male 50
HPs MVs Dmg
550 - 560 N/A
Height Weight BMI
>69 in >175 lbs Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit
Room effects Anti-charge
Special Mini-smob


Patros Leander is a humanoid? mini-smob which can be found in the Illian Peninsula.


"A sure footed figure stands here, commanding his men.

Dark hair hangs down to this man's shoulders, framing a sun tanned face that has been exposed to the elements. He has a beard that leaves his upper lip bare, marking him of Illianer descent. He stands with an air of confidence as he commands those who follow him."

Keywords: figure, leander, male, patros, ?


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Illian Peninsula River Pirates' Hideout 1 With 2x dark skinned men


Item Slot Rarity
a simple key Held 3/3
a brightly-plumed captain's hat Head 3/3
an opal choker of fiery blue and pink beauty Neck 1/3
a loose white shirt Chest 3/3
a fine woolen cloak Body 3/3
a cudgel Wielded 3/3
a leather belt Waist 3/3
a sword sheath Belt 3/3
a shortsword Inside a sword sheath 3/3
a small purse Belt 3/3
a copper penny (20) Inside a small purse 3/3
a pair of wide leather trousers Legs 3/3
a pair of heavy leather boots Feet 3/3
a gold crown (20) Inventory 3/3
a lantern Inventory 3/3
a sheet of paper Inventory 3/3
a wide quiver of cloth and inlaid leather Inventory 1/1


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