Pets are mobs that can be made to follow a player character. When Grouped, they grant a bonus to Experience according to their level, with lower-level pets giving the largest bonus.

Pets can be found in various places, including dedicated Pet shops. A few pets can be found roaming in the world and, through appropriate commands, can be made to follow. In addition, Horses can be led and grouped in the same way, granting Exp bonuses according to their level.

Pets bought in shops can be named (Eg. "buy cat bob") and will the respond to commands invoking that name.

List of Pets

Pet Level
a chicken 1
a crow* 1
the grasshopper 1
a puppy 2
a rat* 2
a raven* 2
a black cat 3
a mangy cat 3
a parrot 3
a rat* 4
a trained peregrine falcon 4
a baby s'redit 5
a black labrador 5
Rufferto, faithful dog of the sage 5
a red-eyed raven* 6
a falcon 8
a trained corlm 8
a large black rat* ?
a trained grolm ?
a trained torm ?
an ankle-biter ?

* - Note, these mobs are Shadoweyes and will report your position to any Fades within communicating distance. Use at your own risk.

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