While there were three different humanoid races previously available to play on WoTMUD: Human, Seanchan, and Trolloc, this has been reduced to two by the combination of the Seanchan race into Human race. In addition, the Remort races of Dreadlord and Myrddraal are available to Trollocs and Darkfriends. For Seanchan characters a change was implemented to convert to Human race. Future humans may take the oaths of the Corenne and join Seanchan justice clans (Deathwatch) which are likely to be at war with several other clans as they seek to invade and conquer lands for the Empress, this include Damane and Su'dam characters.

The humanoid races of Aiel and Ogier are currently limited to mobs only.

Racial stat adjustments[]

Human characters are able to roll stats between 9-19 for all categories. Various Homeland and Class combinations can serve to raise the minimum and/or reduce the maximum scores available.

Trolloc characters suffer penalties to their Int and Wil, statting as low as 3 for both, reflecting their primitive and bestial nature. On the other hand, they are able to have their Str augmented as high as 21 by use of Strength Teas or the Strength weave, and certain homelands allow them to roll a Strength as high as 21 naturally.

Class restrictions[]

During Class selection, Trolloc characters are limited to choosing among the Warrior, Hunter, and Rogue classes.

Humans have the additional option to choose the Channeler class for both males and females, though it must be born in mind there are important differences between the two.


As Humans and Seanchan speak the same language, they are able to understand one another in speech and by Yelling.

Trollocs speak a language of their own, and so can neither understand the language of Humans/Seanchan nor be understood by them. Those trollocs who are gifted by the Dark One and given a Remort to the Fade class/race, however, can understand both their Trolloc allies as well as Humans and Seanchan. Similarly, Dreadlords serving the Dark can understand the speech of all character types.


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