Raerdan Magi'i, the tainted Channeler

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Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Humanoid Male Unknown edit
HPs MVs Dmg
Unknown N/A
Height Weight BMI
Unknown edit Unknown edit Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit
Special Smob


Raerdan Magi'i, the tainted Channeler is a humanoid smob found in Saldaea.


"A man in midnight black is here, glaring about.

A tall man clad in clothes black as midnight, he has dark eyes and hair, and his face is crossed with the scars of battle. Nothing but his face is visible, the rest clad in inky clothing. He crouches, looking about in the shadows with a kind of paranoia, hiding from sight."

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Zone Room Qty. Notes
Woodlands of Saldaea Before a Crumbling Throne 1

Raerdan is found in a ruined Citadel in southwest of Maradon's southgate. Open the "greatdoor" at "At the Entrance to the Ruins". Raerdan is found within the "mosaicdoor" just north of the main entrance.


You must kill a mass of shadows to acquire a mosaic key to access Raerdan.


Item Slot Rarity
a cheap brass ring Finger 1/2
a full metal helmet and visor Head 1/2
a gray suede hood Head 1/2
a necklace of dark ivy Neck 2/2
a black shirt Chest 1/2
a shining steel breastplate Chest 1/2
a pair of ebony-steel plate vambraces Arms 1/2
a set of lace sleeves Arms 1/2
a pair of heavy metal gauntlets Hands 1/2
a thin pair of leather gloves Hands 1/2
a dull black shield Shield 1/2
a dagger of green jade Wielded 2/2
a silver-worked weapons belt Waist 2/2
a jewel-encrusted scabbard Belt 2/2
a soft leather pouch Belt 2/2
a blue pouch of flatwort tea Inside a soft leather pouch 2/2
a gold crown (5) Inside a soft leather pouch 2/2
a pair of silken black pants Legs 1/2
a pair of ebony-steel plate greaves Legs 1/2
a pair of light leather boots Feet 2/2
a crystal lightstick Inventory 2/2

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