Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Humanoid Male 54
HPs MVs Dmg
594 - 604 N/A
Height Weight BMI
Unknown edit Unknown edit Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit
Room effects Anti-Blind
Special Smob


Ragnor the Bandit Chief is a humanoid smob loading in Andor, in tunnels beneath Tarendrelle Village. He is also the second step in the Southern smob chain.


"A tall, lean bandit watches you with amusement.

Snappily dressed, this individual has the air about him of a cad, or even a rogue. With an air of extreme nonchalance he looks upon you and remarks with a sneer 'You have seen me, and now I am afraid you must die.'"

Keywords: smob, ?


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Tarendrelle at the Eldar Bandit Chief's Chambers 1 With 4x burly bandit guards
  • Behind "thornypath," "mat," "slab," and "hideoutdoor/ornate".


He is accompanied by four burly bandit guards, and many more bandits roam his complex. Can be weaved on, but resistant to blind. Targeted "ice spikes" are very effective. His guards will close the "ornate" so be prepared to open the door if your strategy involves separate groups or repeated re-entry.


Item Slot Rarity
a reinforced boarskin helmet Head 14/16
a rimmed round helmet Head 2/16
a tunic of finely-crafted chain Chest 1/16
a tunic of green scales Chest 15/16
a bright red robe Body 2/16
a decadent white leather dress with a plunging neckline Body 3/16
an earthen brown mantle Body 3/16
a pair of oiled chainmail sleeves Arms 15/16
a pair of riveted chainmail sleeves Arms 1/16
a thick pair of leather work gloves Hands 11/16
a sturdy pair of full leather gauntlets Hands 5/16
a gator skin bracer Wrist 16/16
a barbed steel trident Wielded 6/16
a blue steel trident Wielded 6/16
a heavy gilded glaive Wielded 4/16
a silver-worked weapons belt Waist 16/16
a soft leather pouch Belt 16/16
a well-worn ornate key Inside a soft leather pouch 16/16
a gold crown (110) Inside a soft leather pouch 16/16
a mirrored lantern (2) Inside a soft leather pouch (1)
Inventory (1)
a set of oiled chainmail leggings Legs 14/16
a set of riveted chainmail leggings Legs 2/16
a laced pair of brown boots Feet 10/16
a pair of animal-fur boots Feet 6/16
a black, silver-embroidered cape Inventory 1/16

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