Rares are items which load at a vastly reduced rate compared to others in the game, usually on difficult smobs. The rent cost of most, if not allVerify? rare items is 500 coppers/day.

An update to the Weapons Guilds system on January 6 2019 introduced the ability to craft certain rare weapons, most new, at certain locations in Sidona, in Saldaea, and the Dark Fortress.

List of rare items

Item Type
a belt bearing a dragon worked in silver armor |Waist
a black shirt trimmed in lace armor |Chest
a crimson-hafted battleaxe Axe |wielded
a darkened steel trident Polearm |wielded
a diamond-tipped lance Lance |wielded
a feathered kandori paramerion Fencing blade |wielded
a gown of exquisite design armor |Body
a heron engraved scabbard Sheath |back
a heron mark blade Medium blade |wielded
a heron marked greatsword Long blade |wielded
a heron marked longsword Long blade |wielded
a heron-marked foil Fencing blade |wielded
a massive war maul Club |wielded
a nimble blade with a cuendillar pommel Medium blade |wielded
a pair of gold-hilted hooked swords Long blade |wielded
a pair of long-handled war axes Axe |wielded
a pair of moonstone hilted dirks Short blade |wielded
a partisan bearing the arms of Ghealdan Spear |wielded
a razor-sharp longsword Long blade |wielded
a shocklance Spear |wielded
a silver medallion armor |Neck
a sinister black trident Spear |wielded
a steel warhammer Club |wielded
a surcoat with exquisite embroidery armor |Body
a tainted war maul Club |wielded
a triple bladed dagger Short blade |wielded
an orange coral ring armor |Finger

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