You’re dead, you’re in the circle, your PK timer is up, and you need to re-equip. Only one problem - there’s nothing in any of the barrels. What do you do?

Firstly, you’ll need to be a rogue, or a stabby hunter. This guide assumes you’re able to backstab. If you can’t, and you’re ok with a little flexibility with character separation, you’ll need an alt.

Take the prerolled rogue stats, they’re perfectly fine for this purpose, and kill saplings until you’re level 10. Then move onto elk and ancients until level 15. At this point you can use the personnel trainer. The hillman warriors east of Baerlon plus ancient trees should take you to level 25 fairly easily. Remember the regular hillmen scalps count too, so be sure to kill them all. You can hit the other scalps too. The chief of wretches and the “man” in Marone can be easily stabbed. Once you’re level 25 you can move onto the muscular men north of Amador. They’ll take you to level 30 in no time. At this point you’re ready to go, but you may as well keep killing them until level 35 for an extra 10 pracs.

You should now have your level 30+ rogue alt and you’re good to go!


Join the short blades guild, you can easily get decent daggers this way. Stash a few in a rent, but this guide assumes you’re starting naked. If you’re actually a stabber, having a few decent daggers and shields stashed away will make this a lot easier, but if you’re doing this on an already equipped alt, having a few daggers and shields stashed is a wise move anyway.

But we’re starting from nothing, right? First you’ll need a weapon.

You can buy a jewelled dagger in Far Madding or Deven Ride. A dagger of gleaming steel is almost as good. You can buy these in Caemlyn, Deven Ride or Bandar Eban. Worst case scenario you’ll want an ebony short blade or an ivory hilted stiletto. Those you can buy in quite a few places.. Now you need a shield.

Buy a full wooden shield or a full metal shield. You should be able to find one available.


Next you’ll want to stab a lithe woman. They’re all over. This will get you basic dodge, combo or abs. If you’re using an ebony or ivory, the combo load on the lithe has a gleaming dagger. You’re now ready to go onto the main part of the guide.


The mountain dwellers’ leader east of Tear can be solo stabbed. This is the hardest smob in the guide. She loads a jewelled dagger, a kite shaped shield and a thin black chain plus 70 crowns. You should also get a decent amount of cash from doing this guide. You can sell most of the valuables in Tear. You’ll probably want to hone your dagger before hitting the mountain dwellers’ leader. You can take out her minions then move onto her and take her out in a few stabs, but it’s unwise to attempt this without at least a honed gleaming or jewelled dagger and it’s probably best to wait until you’ve got some more equipment.


You can buy diamond wedding rings in a few place, these will set you up for combo or parry. Otherwise, remember the hillman warriors? The chieftain loads a garnet adorned ring on a %, which is equivalent to the wedding ring, as well as a wide leather wristband and sung wood bracelet on a %. He also has 20 crowns and a hollow steel lance to sell.

If you’re dodge you’ll want an emerald ring. This you can get from the burly bandit guards or the lithe woman in Ragnor’s hideout, the bandits south of Lugard, or the lithe north of Lugard.

For abs you’ll want to buy a ring of silver or an emerald and silver engagement ring.


As mentioned before you can get wide leather wristbands or sung wood bracelets from the hillman chieftain, or sung wood bracelets from the shifty Ogier in Caralain grass. You can also buy a wide leather wristband in Deven Ride, or a golden bracelet in Far Madding.


For dodge you can get thin black chains from the mountain dwellers leader, or the bandits south of Lugard, or you can buy an ivory necklace in Tear. It’s a bit expensive but it’s the parry equivalent of the thin black chain. An alternative for parry is the opal choker of firey blue and pink beauty that loads on Patros Leander on a %. This is also good for abs.


You can buy a bronze belt of odd design in Caemlyn. 


For dodge you can get a dark hooded cloak from the bandits in the Black Hills or south of Lugard. You can also buy an equivalent dark blue robe or a red embroidered cape in Bandar Eban and Baerlon respectively. Alternatively, several dresses provide equivalent dodge to the dark hooded cloak which can be bought in Caemlyn, Cairhien or Tar Valon.

For parry a fine coat of black silk loads on the bandits south of Lugard. For abs a buy a fine woolen cloak which will do for moves.


The smuggler chief southwest of Amador loads a dull black shield or a silver etched shield on a %.


At this point you should have a set of basic equipment and trinkets, a jewelled dagger and a good shield. If you’re a rouge or stabby hunter you’re done. Otherwise if you’re re-equipping on an alt you’ll need your main weapon. You can craft decent weapons of course but otherwise you can get weapons from the following places:

2H AXE: Heavy axe with a dark serrated blade: loads or the abs lithe woman.

1H AXE: buy a long handled war axe

2H LONG BLADE: buy a two fisted flamberge

1H LONG BLADE: buy a long thin sword

MEDIUM BLADE: you can buy a bone handled blade in tremalking

SHORT BLADE: you should already have a jewelled dagger, or assuming you’re a stabber and actually experienced at stabbing, kill the tall thief for a better dagger

2H STAFF: just buy a leatherleaf staff, it’s very good for how easy it is to get

1H STAFF: buy a walking staff in Tar Valon or pick it up north of Illian

1H CLUB: buy a Warhammer

2H CLUB: buy a bone crushing mattock in Caemlyn

LANCE: pick up the hollow steel lance from the hillman chieftain

1H SPEAR: buy a winged spear with silver etching

2H SPEAR: buy a large steel spear

JAVELIN: buy a light metal javelin

POLEARM: buy a heavy gilded glaive

FLAIL: kill the mine overlord south of Deven Ride for a dark barbed flail

PROJECTILES: you can buy a throwing knife in several locations or hit the bandits in the black hills

You can find out where to buy the various weapons on their relevant pages, but really you should just join a weapons guild.


At this point you should have a set of basic equipments and trinkets and an okay weapon. The next upgrade is buying a set of abs, heavy combo, dodge or parry from the wearied merchant for 500 gold. For light combo, craft it at the leather armor guild in Illian. You can also join the other armor guilds, but it’ll take some time before the random number generator blesses you wit a full kit.

And join a weapons guild for a decent weapon. Really, join a weapons guild.

The final stop is going to the Lugard market to upgrade your weapon and trinkets. Then, if you’re doing this on an alt, transferring the equipment to the character that needs to be re-equipped. That’s the end of the guide, for further upgrades you’ll need to smob or get better at stabbing and solo some stabbable Smobs, or get better eq from PK. But that’s beyond the scope of this guide.

For heavy combo you can stab the cargo master in Tremalking.

For abs, stab the wolf brother hermet north of Tear.

Happy hunting!

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