Ride is a Hunter skill that allows a player character to ride and lead mounts (such as horses, mules, cows, and oxen). Ride works by Levels, which go up every 14 practice percentage points. Higher levels of Ride bring additional advantages, which are detailed below.


  • Ride: Ride <mount>
  • Dismount: Dismount
  • Lead: Lead <mount>
  • Order: Order <mount> <command>
Ride Lvl Prac% OB1 DB2 Special Effects
Lvl 0 0-13 n/a n/a Unable to ride or lead a mount.
Lvl 1 14-27 5 -10 Can ride, lead mounts3, and charge.
Lvl 2 28-41 6 -9 ???
Lvl 3 42-55 7 -8 Can fight while mounted.
Lvl 4 56-69 8 -7 Can manually track and autotrack while mounted. Also, once led, mounts will no longer refuse to follow.4
Lvl 5 70-83 9 -6 Automatically intercept attacks against mount.5
Lvl 6 84-97 10 -5 Can bash while mounted.
Lvl 7 98-99 11 -4 ???

1 - Offensive bonus bonus is subject to mood multipliers, and is added before weight effects and rounding. Actual bonus may vary due to these combined factors.
2 - Dodge bonus malus is subtracted before weight effects and rounding. Actual reduction may be 1 DB more depending on weight effects.
3 - Multiple tries may be needed before a mount allows itself to be led. The average amount of tries decreases with higher Ride levels.
4 - The above restrictions mentioned in Note 3 still apply at this and all Ride levels.
5 - Faceoff and max engage rules may still apply.

In Game Description

Ranger Skill:

This allows you to ride a horse, thereby increasing the speed and distance
you can easily travel. You can dismount the horse with the Dismount command.
While level 1 ride will allow you to ride a horse, higher levels are
required for more skillful activities, such as combat.

This skill increases your skill at riding a horse. A person skilled in
riding a horse will find that their mount will obey their orders to a much
better extent than an unskilled person.

To ride a horse after you have practiced the skill, use the command
"ride horse".

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