River ships are a transportation system introduced on October 9, 2006.



  • The Starling and River Lady boats go along their route without you needing to take any action.
  • 'The Starling/River Lady arrives at the docks.' You can now embark.
  • 'Sails are lowered and sweeps steer the ship towards [location].' It is now safe to disembark.
  • 'embark starling' or 'embark river lady' to get on the ship.
  • 'disembark' to get off of the ship.
  • The ship will stay in port long enough that you can disembark, hop off your horse, embark on it again, ride another horse, disembark, etc., until you move the horses off the ship.


All other boats require player input.

  • embark <shipname> to get on the ship.
  • sail <north/south/east/west> to move the ship along a route. Commands may only be entered once per tic.
  • disembark to get off of the ship once a port is reached.

Moving Horses

  • You can ride a horse on and off of the ship, however led horses will not follow you.

Arinelle river system


The Starling route:

  • Illian (Stone Docks of Illian, west end)
  • Whitebridge (Whitebridge Docks)
  • Irinjavar shoreline (Overgrown Plains near a Small Stream)


Region Zone Room Ship
Andor Whitebridge Whitebridge Docks The Kingfisher
Illian City of Illian The Stone Docks of Illian The Hummingbird
Saldaea Saldaean Farmlands Overgrown Plains near a Small Stream The Swallow


   [ ]               
    ¦     Whitebridge
   [ ]-----[X]       
   [ ]         SHIPS 
    ¦        Hummingbird
    ¦        Kingfisher
   [X]       Swallow 
  Illian    *Starling


Erinin River system


The River Lady route:

  • Aringall Docks
  • Tar Valon Docks (South Harbor)
  • Cairhien (Docks On The Alguenya River)
  • Tear Docks (The City Docks)


Region Zone Room Ship
Andor Aringill A Tarred-Timber Dock The River Queen
Cairhien Cairhien (zone) Docks On The Alguenya River The River Sun
Tar Valon Tar Valon (city) Southharbor The River Flame
Tear Tear (city) The City Docks The River Stork


         Tar Valon 
            ¦    Cairhien
           [ ]     [X]
            ¦       ¦
Aringill    ¦       ¦
   [X]-----[ ]-----[ ]
            ¦        SHIPS
           [ ]    River Flame
            ¦     River Sun
            ¦     River Stork
           [X]    River Queen
          Tear   *River Lady



The Starling

Entirely made of wood, this vessel makes use of both its sail and a number of sweeps to navigate the river. Far below its single mast the deck is a hive of activity. A hatch leads to the cargohold and a cramped and narrow stairs leads into the belly of the ship. A large wooden beam at the back is used to steer the ship, and ropes and pulleys are everywhere. A weather worn ships log lies open nearby, its pages flapping in the breeze.

The River Lady

Made entirely out of bent wooden boards, this flat bottomed ship is made to sail on the rivers of the world. A large hatch sits on the front deck, covered by a large sheet of oilskin cloth. In the middle a tall mast holds the one sail which is triangular in shape. A large boom hangs slanting from the mast. A few barrels have been stacked onto the deck nearby. A weather worn ships log lies open nearby, its pages flapping in the breeze.