Rogues are the sneaky, slightly villainous characters of the world and this is heavily reflected in their skill sets. The skills required to burgle, ambush, assassinate, bypass security, etc. are all in the rogue's domain. This class is unique in that a rogue who is content with sticking strictly to class-related gameplay can spend every prac at his own trainer thereby achieving a uniquely high level of proficiency in a wide range of skills, whereas a hunter or warrior must spend at least a few pracs at other trainers despite the out-of-class penalties associated with such training. Though shield parry, ride and survival are skills which are viewed by most as essential (not to mention notice and search), a rogue who is willing to opt out of these skills can become a master pickpocket, burglar and ambusher without them nonetheless. This is possible because the rogue is the only class which includes both offensive and defensive skills (short blades and dodge) in addition to their own class-essential skills.

Formerly known as Thieves, the class underwent a name change during an update on February 8, 2002.

Stat Modifiers[]

*Str: -1
*Int:  0
*Wil:  0
*Dex: +2
*Con:  0

Practice Costs[]

Warrior: 3
Hunter:  2
Rogue:   1


Main article: Rogue skill


Rogues have the unique ability to Autoscan, allowing them to automatically scan the surrounding rooms, rather than having to manually type 'scan'.

Inventory Peek[]

Rogues also have the unique ability to see some or all items in a player or mob's Inventory, which can be a useful tool when used with the Steal skill.

Free Sneak[]

Unlike other classes, Rogues do not suffer a MVs penalty when the Sneak skill is turned on, providing a useful bonus for Backstabbing characters.