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Ross is a humanoid quest giver found in Glancor, between Caemlyn and Far Madding. He offers a non-repeatable quest chain that rewards players with various items and equipment upon completion, as well as a gold bounty on coyote scalps.

He is located 1n of the Glancor town crier ('The Village Well' room) alternatively from Clive he is all s, 2e, 1s, 1e, all s, 1w, 2s, 2e, all s, 3e, 6s


"Ross paces here, scoffing at travelers.

Tall and lean, this wiry man glares at everyone he sets his eyes upon. Frowning around the piece of hay in his mouth, he seems to have an ever-present scowl. Though his equipment has seen use, it is obviously well taken care of."

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Zone Room Qty. Notes
Glancor In Glancor 1 Quest Giver


Item Slot Rarity
a straw hat Head 1/1
a thick leather vest Chest 1/1
a blackwood quarterstaff Wielded 1/1
a pair of thin leather leggings Legs 1/1
a pair of light leather boots Feet 1/1


Initial Greeting

Like other newbie quest mobs, when you enter Ross' room he responds with the following mobol after a short delay:

Ross pokes you in the ribs.

Ross says 'You look like a young adventurer in need of some work. If you want to go on a quest, just "say quest"!'

Ross says 'If you are relatively new to the world, I suggest you "say tips". I must say, I am a wealth of information!'
Ross winks suggestively at you.

Main Quest List

Quest Items Reward
carrots for eyesight a brightly colored carrot

Choice of:

shadoweyes the death scalp of a rat


the death scalp of a raven

Choice of:
<rogue pracs> a rusty dagger a throwing knife

a sharpened metal disk

a wide leather wristband

Choice of:

<kill a wretch> the death scalp of a wretch slain in the Hills of Kintara Choice of:

Additional Bounties

Ross also offers a repeatable bounty for the scalps of the coyotes found in the area. Each scalp is worth two gold crowns. He will only offer this bounty to players from levels 7 to 11. verify?

Follow-Up Newbie Quests

After completing all of Ross' quests when asking him for a quest again ('say quest') he will respond stating he has nothing left to teach you. He will direct you to his cousin Ferris who is just east of tear for further quests. He will also tell you he has a parting gift for you, when you are ready to leave.

When ready to leave 'say I am ready, Ross" and he will proceed to give you a backpack, a dark hooded cloak, a mirrored lantern and a coach ticket. He will also instruct you how to use the coach in Caemlyn to get to Tear and to look at the map in the city square. Then to find his cousin Ferris east and north of the city.


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