Scalps are physical trophies of slain players or mobs which serve a variety of uses. Generally, the scalps of players from opposing sides can be turned in by clanned players to an appropriate clan mob in exchange for varying amounts of Quest points.


Typing scalp or its abbreviated forms, while wielding a short blade, will remove the scalp from the corpse of a fallen foe.

In Game Description[]

Syntax:  scalp corpse

As a trophy of battle, it is possible to scalp any dead player or mob,
earning yourself a reminder of their defeat. In order to scalp a corpse
it is necessary to wield a short bladed weapon. Also, "scalp" will scalp
the first corpse in a room. If a different scalp is desired, designate
the corpse in the command (i.e. scalp 2.corpse)

> scalp
> scalp 4.corpse

Player Scalps[]

Mob Scalps[]

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