Scan is a command used to check the surrounding rooms for mobs and players. This command works for rooms flagged indoors, city, and road.

Syntax: scan, scan <direction>

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

Used to check the surrounding area for mobs and players. Useful in planning
projectile assaults, and for telling when someone or something is too close
for comfort.

Autoscan[edit | edit source]

Rogues have Autoscan as a class skill, enabling them to scan surrounding rooms without having to enter the scan command.

To toggle the autoscan ability, the command change autoscan <on/off> is used.

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

Syntax: Change Autoscan <on/off>

This ability is available exclusively to the thief class, this allows the
user to scan without having to type scan. It shows one mob or player in
the adjacent rooms, picking the mob or player at random. Can be turned on
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