A scavenger is a mob set to pick up items from the ground. Higher-value items will be taken first by such mobs.

List of Scavengers

Mob Level Type
a Cairhien watchguard 27 Human
a bandit 19 Human
a deranged wolfbrother hermit 70 Human
a frightened young thief 5 Human
a goat-faced trolloc 18 Trolloc
a ruffian <17 [[]]
a thief (19) 19 Human
a wild goat 5 Animal
a wretch 15 Undead
an ankle-biter 3 Trolloc
an old woman 2 Humanoid
an undead servant 5 Undead
Rufferto, faithful dog of the sage 5 Animal
the chief of the wretches 30 Undead
the collector [[]]