Sex refers to whether a player character is male or female, while mobs have an additional "neuter" option.

While formerly a character's sex influenced the maximum stats available, this is no longer the case. Males and females do roll on different height and weight scales, however, leading to corresponding BMI differences. In addition, practice costs for male and female channelers are different, with males enjoying cheaper warrior practices to compensate somewhat for their status as hunted outcasts.

Player Characters[]

Players permanently choose their sex during the character creation process.


Players are not restricted on the armor or trinkets they can wear based on their sex, though a number of gender-specific items for both sexes do exist. Additionally, a number of items can be exchanged at certain mobs for one of the opposite gender, generally (but not always) with the same stats.


While both male and female humans can choose the channeler class during character creation, there are significant differences in the playing experience. While female channelers are generally accepted through the world and in some areas respected (with certain exceptions, such as Amadicia and Tear), male channelers are instantly regarded as dangerous criminals once discovered, due to the danger of the taint and its effects.


A few clans have certain restrictions based on sex. The White Tower and the Wisdoms, for instance, only allow females. Most other clans allow characters of both sexes, though some have restrictions on female channelers and nearly all prohibit male channelers from joining.


In addition to male and female, some mobs are of "neutral" sex. Most humanoid mobs are specifically male or female, as well as many animals. Mobs of the tree type are "neutral" without exception.

While mobs have height and weight stats like player characters, these numbers are set rather than rolled from tables, thus having no inherent BMI difference as a result of their sex.

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