The Shienaran Lancers are the military arm and justice clan of Shienar. Based in Fal Dara, the Lancers primary concern is defense of the Borderlands against the aggression of the Shadow.


Mail an in-character letter to the current Council members explaining why you wish to join the Shienaran Lancers, as well as why you think you would be a good addition to the clan. Ask any Lancer you see who the current Council is. Then spend your time in Fal Dara, getting to know the city, the members of the Lancers, and the layout of the land north of Fal Dara.


  • Rank 1: Recruit
  • Rank 2: Footman
  • Rank 3: Soldier
  • Rank 4: Squire
  • Rank 5: Defender
  • Rank 6: Cavalryman
  • Rank 7: Lieutenant
  • Rank 8: Lord Major
  • Rank 9: Lord Knight

Clan Gear

Equipment Retools

  • Kit 1
    • <worn on head>
    • <worn on body>
    • <worn on arms>
    • <worn on hands>
    • <worn on legs>
    • <worn on feet>
  • Other
    • <worn as shield> a shield bearing the arms of Fal Dara
Human General
PRC Charging Boars
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