Sidetrades are a range of vocations that enable one to craft various items either for sale or for use in other crafting endeavors.

A merchant says 'Did I say I would buy this?'

A merchant says 'The Guilds use certain side trades exclusively for their purposes.'

A merchant says 'Perhaps you can try your hand at them!'

A merchant says 'The grand masters are found in the villages of Rhahime, Alindaer or along the Altaran-Illian Road.'

A merchant says 'Tell them you wish to join the crafting guild.'

A merchant says 'To be reminded of what I deal in just ask me to list the items for you.'

Fish Oil (Sidetrade) and Soapmaking are only used for Crafting while all other sidetrades can be sold to A merchant found in many cities throughout the land.

You say 'list'

A merchant says 'I generally deal in a variety of pelts, wool, red and white wines, cheese wheels, square candles and assorted dyes.'

A merchant says 'I will pay very well for any of those you deliver to me.'

For help with sidetrades, say "sidetrade" and "help with trade" to a worker who can be found in many cities throughout the land.

say help with trade

The worker will give a list on where to go and what to do for each side trade.

City Location Sidetrade Who to talk to What to Bring What to ask
Tear Manor East of Tear Bloodstock Training A local lord A young colt, a carrot, a rope and a blanket. 1. ask about horses
2. ask how to train a colt
Two Rivers Rae Home E of Emond's Field Sheepdogs Mistress Rae a few crowns ask about sheepdogs
Tarabon dye shop Dyemaking A cast iron cooking pot

A piece of white willow bark or A vial of powdered red gheandin blossom or A handful of blackberries

view the ledger
Saldaea south of Maradon Furs hunter A long, heavy knife

An egg

a scalp of A beaver or A coyote or A mink or A red fox

ask about furs
Murandy Lord Meneril's farm Red Wine farm hand A bunch of grapes

A thick brown sack

ask about wine making
Mayene village north of the city Fish Oil (Sidetrade) wandering sailor ask about oil
Illian road to Tear Candlemaking farm wife ask about candles
Far Madding north of the town Cheesemaking farmer ask about cheese
Cairhien Lord Menerill's estate White Wine farm hand A bunch of grapes

A thick brown sack

ask about wine making
Arad Doman farm east of Bandar Eban Soapmaking old woman ask her about soap making
Altara spinning wheel in the farmhouse and spin wool
find loom in farmhouse and weave wool


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