Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Seanchan Male 90
HPs MVs Dmg
990 - 1008 N/A
Height Weight BMI
>63 in >142 lbs Unknown
Nation Seanchan Empire
Aggro Humans
Special Smob


Silvak Kalcainus is a Seanchan smob found in the city of Falme.


"Silvak Kalcainus commands the Seanchan armies from here.

He gazes back at you with cold gray eyes. He seems to dismiss you, however you feel as though you are still being judged. You notice he makes it a point to keep his sword arm free, ready to execute at will. With his other hand he impatiently taps his side with razor-sharp lacquered nails."

Keywords: commander, deathwatch, imperial, kalcainus, male, seanchan, silvak, smob


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Falme 1



Item Slot Rarity
a strange, insectoid helm Head Standard
a pendant of crimson-flecked quartz Neck Standard
a gloss black bodyplate Chest Standard
a set of chainmail sleeves Arms Standard
a pair of steel-backed gauntlets Hands Standard
a ruby-set bracelet Wrist Standard
a jeweled wristcuff Wrist Standard
a black, lacquered shield Shield Standard
a brass hilted general's sword Wielded Standard
a bronze belt of odd design Waist Standard
a jewel-encrusted scabbard Belt Standard
a soft leather pouch Belt Standard
a pair of chainmail leggings Legs Standard
a pair of thick metal boots Feet Standard

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