Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? Yes
Elements 3A 5S
Sps 25 SPs
Pulses 5
Duration 1 tick
On Self? Yes
On Engaged? Yes
While Engaged? Yes

Historically, Slow was a single-use weave that drained the target's MVs with each use, and repeated uses would eventually push the target's MVs into the Collapsing range. Currently, however, Slow is a status ailment weave that can be placed on a target. When active, the target's MV cost to move between rooms is doubled, to a minimum of 1 MV, even if the target is riding a mount.

Slow also blocks recovery of MVs from artificial sources (e.g., yellow refresh vials, Refresh weave, Compel). However, it does not block normal recovery of MVs. Unlike any other status weave, the Slow weave cannot be held, although it can be manually released early. There is no known cure potion to counter its effects or prevent additional recurrences in the near future.

Syntax: channel 'slow' <target>