Smelting Guild
Release date Unknown edit
Required Item 1 160 crowns for Guild Membership Fee
Required Item 2 a sharp pickaxe
Required Item 3 a thick pair of leather work gloves
Required Item 4 a mirrored lantern
Required Item 5 Noneedit
Required Item 6 Noneedit
Required Item 7 Noneedit
Required Item 8 Noneedit
City Baerlon
Guild Room Common Room
Crafting Room Any Mine with Iron Ore

The Smelting Guild is a Crafting guild used to mine raw iron ore and transform it into iron bars for use in weapon and armor crafting.

Joining[edit | edit source]

Find old miner in Baerlon and tell him, "I want to learn to mine". You will need to pay him and follow his instructions as well as the grand master listed below.

Find the grand master in Alindaer, Rhahime Village, Tarendrelle Village, or the Roadside Inn off the Illian Road.

give 160 crowns master

A grand master says 'Welcome as an apprentice to the smelting guild. Find the old miner in Baerlon. He will teach you to mine and smelt. You can find mines northwest of Deven Ride, in the Braem wood, in Garen's Wall and in the Spine east of Cairhien.'

A grand master says 'Welcome as an apprentice to the woodworking guild. Find the sawmill in Altara, or Amadicia and ask the lumberjacks there about woodworking.'

A grand master says 'Welcome as an apprentice to the leatherworking guild. Find the woman near the lakeshore south of Rhahime Nialle or east of Far Madding and ask her about leather.'

Mining[edit | edit source]

Commands[edit | edit source]

  • wear gloves
  • wield pickaxe
  • hold lantern
  • say I want to learn to mine
  • say practice mining
  • swing pickaxe
  • mine iron ore

Note: There cannot be any other mirrored lanterns in your inventory, since the old miner's mobol checks there first. Having other mirrored lanterns in inventory will cause the miner to suggest you hold the light and the mobol wil fail.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Smelting[edit | edit source]

Commands[edit | edit source]

  • show ore miner
  • open oven
  • put ore oven
  • close oven
  • open oven
  • get all oven
  • put bar barrel
  • get all barrel

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Items Crafted[edit | edit source]

Weapons Normal
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