Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 04/01/2019
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Male 55
HPs MVs Dmg
605 - 615 N/A
Height Weight BMI
Unknown edit Unknown edit Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit
Room effects Anti-hide
Special Smob


Smitty d'Shays, Wine Baron of the South Coast is a humanoid smob loading just north of the city of Illian.


"Smitty d'Shays, Grinchy Wine Baron of the South Coast

Glaring at the world through his one good eye this retired pirate is trying to go legit through a lucrative business in the wine industry. His once huge and flowing beard has been shaved recently, showing a line of pale skin against his tanned and scarred face. Looking uncomfortable and out of place in his finely cut velvet clothes this barbarian turned gentlemen keeps readjusting his small clothes with a sour look."

Keywords: baron, smitty, smob, ?


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Illian Countryside Wine Cellar 1


He loads under the roserug door, which requires >49%, <=74% search to open, along with four smelly hags. Smitty does not chase from his room, but any hags still alive after the smob dies may chase or wander to 1u.

His room is nohide, but may be freely channeled in.


Item Slot Rarity
a braided leather and silver headband Head 3/12
a chain coif Head 9/12
a light hauberk of oiled chainmail Chest 4/12
a tunic of green scales Chest 8/12
a black, silver-embroidered cape Body 1/12
a bright red robe Body 4/12
a dark, hooded cloak Body 7/12
an earthen brown mantle Body 1/12
a pair of tooled leather sleeves Arms 4/12
a set of chainmail sleeves Arms 8/12
a pair of emerald-trimmed leather gloves Gloves 3/12
a thick pair of leather work gloves Gloves 9/12
a gator skin bracer Wrist 12/12
a brass hilted general's sword Wielded 2/12
a colossal sword with an iron pommel Wielded 1/12
a jagged edged warsword Wielded 3/12
a pale steel longsword Wielded 1/12
a scimitar with a hilt of twisted iron Wielded 1/12
a wickedly scythed longsword Wielded 1/12
an ivory and gold-hilted longsword Wielded 3/12
a plain weapons belt Waist 12/12
a soft leather pouch Belt 12/12
a gold crown (4) Inside a soft leather pouch 12/12
a blue pouch of flatwort tea (2) Inside a soft leather pouch 12/12
a pair of ornately tooled leather leggings Legs 7/12
a set of oiled chainmail leggings Legs 4/12
a laced pair of brown boots Feet 11/12

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