Snakes are mobs that are generally serpentine in nature, and have different hittable body parts (head and body only) than humanoid mobs and players.

Snakes cannot be butchered for meat.

Hunters get a 50% damage bonus versus snakes.

List of Snakes

Mob Level Notes
a grayish snake 1
a watersnake 1
a viper 3
a dun snake 4
the constrictor 4
a crab 6
a sly, black snake 10
a giant lobster 12
a two-headed serpent 16
an enormous anaconda 17
a slithering, ebony snake 24
a hand-covered tentacle 25
a bloodsnake 29
a waterlizard 29
a sandsnake 30
an enormous bright-red salamander 35
the Shadowmauler 50
the great blight worm 70 Smob
a spine-backed snake ??
a worm >38