Sneak is a Rogue skill used to attempt to enter a room unseen. The chance of success of a sneak attempt depends on the percent to which it is practiced, as well as (possibly?) the amount of Notice the room inhabitants have. While important for setting up a Backstab, it plays no part in the actual landing rate or damage inflicted.

Sneaking can only be done on foot, and can be toggled on and off by typing <sneak>. Rogues can sneak at no cost, while other classes suffer a MVs penalty when using it.

Practicing sneak grants residual practice points in Ranger Sneak, a related Hunter skill.

In Game Description[]

Syntax:  sneak

Thief Skill:
This causes you to attempt to move silently, masking your movements from
those around you. This skill can be very useful in attempting to steal from
people and is a requirement for attempting to backstab someone. Success
depends upon how well you have trained in this skill. Note that sneaking
takes extra movement points and will tire you quickly if left on. Sneak
again to toggle it off.

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