Release date Unknown edit
Required Item 1 a wooden bucket
Required Item 2 a large slab of meat
Required Item 3 a water skin
Required Item 4 the death scalp of the ancient tree
the death scalp of a carnivorous plant
Zone Arad Doman East
Teaching Room varies
Crafting Room Dusty Farmyard

Soapmaking is one of the crafting sidetrades available. Soap is used to make leather straps and can also be sold to certain shops. The location where soap is made is found outside Bandar Eban, in Arad Doman.

The Craft Room and the Teacher

The craft room is 'Dusty Farmyard', found 4 rooms north and 1 room west of the ford near Bandar Eban. The teacher, 'an old woman', can be found in the rooms nearby, to the south and west.


  1. Find the old woman and mention 'soapmaking' in the same room. She will instruct you in the technique and ask you to bring her the scalp of an ancient tree.
  2. Show the scalp to the old woman, and she will proceed to instruct you.
  3. When you have learned the process, go to the craft room.
  4. 'Put wood fire' to begin the process.
  5. 'Put ashes barrel', when prompted to.
  6. 'Cut fat meat', when prompted to.
  7. 'Pour skin out', when prompted to.
  8. 'Mix fat and lye', when prompted to.
  9. When the mobol is complete, remember to pick the soap up.


Item Produced


  • While the tree scalp is used up in the process, there are several ancient trees to be found in the surrounding area.
  • The slab of meat, bucket, and waterskin are not used up in the process and may be reused.
  • The soap object is rentable.
  • Occasionally the old woman will wander into your room and pick up the iron pot, bringing your soapmaking to a halt. At this point you will either have to be done for the time, or kill her and place the pot back on the ground.

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