Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? No
Elements 3A 1F 2W
Sps 15 SPs
Pulses 14
Duration n/a
On Self? n/a
On Engaged? Yes
While Engaged? Yes

This weave inflicts damage to all players and mobs in the room, with the exception of any horse the channeler is riding and any player or mob who is following the channeler (grouping not required). As with all area of effect weaves, 20% of the weave's total cost (i.e., 3 SPs) is spent up front when the timer is started, and the remaining 80% (12 SPs) is spent upon finishing the weave; this hampers efforts to repeatedly start the weave while waiting for an opponent to move into your room.

The damage from Sonic Boom appears to be comparable to most faster damaging weaves (e.g., Flame Strike), making Sonic Boom very inefficient for damage against a single target but increasingly efficient the more opponents are damaged by the weave.

Upon successfully completing the weave, Sonic Boom creates a loud thunderclap that gives a zone-wide message. It also can cause targets damaged by the weave to be Deafened on a small percentage.

Syntax: channel 'sonic boom'