Zone Statistics
Zone 072 - South of Whitebridge
Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
Region Andor
Number 072
Grid (0,-2)
Repop Unknown edit
Creator Rumplebarc

South of Whitebridge is a zone located south of the town of Whitebridge, in Andor.

Zone ConnectionsEdit


Name Search Lock Pick Key Room



Item Room Qty. Notes
a length of rope Climbing up the Cliff
Edge of the Cliff
a mushroom (poison) A Smelly Lair 2
a mushroom (queenscrown) Slowing in The Water 1
a package covered in blood Snakepit 1 Inside a skeleton
a piece of white willow bark Forest Center 1
a set of bloodstained papers Snakepit 1 Inside a skeleton
a small canoe On a Forest Pier 2


Item Room Qty. Notes
a muddy pond Break in the Trees 1
a skeleton Snakepit 1



Mob Room Qty. Notes
the brigand leader Den of the Brigands 1 With 3x brigand troopers


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a black stallion A Forest Clearing 1


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a burly bighorn sheep
a coyote
a floating spirit Under the Burial Ground 2
a forest boar
a fudgy wudgy hedgehog
a huge, deadly spider Beneath the Stump 1
a hunter
a large silvery fish On the Arinelle 6
a panther
a rabbit
a rat
a spindly oak sapling Thinning Trees 3
a spotted jaguar
a stout young sapling Heart of the Wood 2
a turtle South Braem 3
a two-headed serpent Last Curve in the Tunnel 3
a viper 4
a water serpent Slowing in The River 2
a watersnake Curve in the Slimy Tunnel 5
an elk cow
an elk
an enormous anaconda Snakepit 1
an Ogier stonemason
the ancient tree Heart of the Wood
Thick Woods
the brigand sergeant Wanders 1 With 3x brigand troopers
the brigand trooper Den of the Brigands
With the brigand leader
With the brigand sergeant
the giant eagle In a Large Tree 1
the greenish slime Slimy Crawlspace 1
the half-beast Ledge Overlooking a Huge Drop
On the Canyon Bridge
the hill giant Various 6
the hog
the lone wolf
the mad hermit Hermit's Stone 1
the small brown bear
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