Spirits are mobs that are incorporeal, leaving behind no corpse when killed. However, they have the same hittable body parts as humanoid mobs and players.

Spirits leave no tracksVerify?, cannot be bashed, and required a honed weapon to hit.

List of Spirits

Mob Level Notes
a floating spirit 12
a burning soul 15
a lovely spirit-maiden 15
a Raggedy Scarecrow 17
a spectral villager 23
a wispy fog 25
an apparition 25
a snow-ghost 26
a thin wisp of silvery black smoke 32
a spectral king 55 Smob
a dark spirit lord ?? Smob
a darkhound ??
a ghost ??
a huge darkhound ??
a mass of shadows ??
a murmuring apparition ??
a spirit of a monk ??
a trapped soul ??
a water elemental ??
an obscured woman ?? Smob
the wisp ??