Steal is a Rogue skill used to steal an item from the inventory of another mob or player character.

Rogues have an advantage in this as they can "peek" into another character's inventory and identify desirable items to appropriate.

Steal success is dependent upon relative level, the weight of the target item and skill in the steal skill. Success is also improved if sneaking, hiding, or if the target is sleeping.Verify?

Syntax: steal <item> <target>

Pulses: 7

In Game Description[]

Syntax:  steal <item> <person>

Thief skill:
Steal attempts to obtain an item or money from someone without their knowing
it. Your chances of success are greatly improved if you are sneaking, hiding,
and vastly improved if your target is asleep. Your chances of successfully
stealing an item depend upon your skill and its related skills. Be aware
that heavier or bulkier items are much harder to acquire. Most people are
known to take offense at being stolen from, and will likely attack you if
you fail.

> steal gold Mournblade
> steal diamond Rand
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