Strength (Str) is one of the five rolled Stats. Strength is a measure of the physical power of a player character or mob. Strength plays an important role for all Races, Classes, and playstyles. Strength is known to affect the following attributes:

Weapon weight limits[]

Player characters are limited in weapon selection by their Strength. For players with 9-16 Str, weapons of weight equal to their strength can be wielded. Characters with 17 Str and higher are able to wield weapons weighing up to 1.0 lbs more than their Str stat. As the heaviest wieldable weapon is 19.0 lbs, this effectively means 18+ Str characters can wield any weapon in the game.

Humanoid, spirit, and undead mobs are also able to wield any weapon, due to having 18 Str.Verify


Strength above 14 can affect melee damage.

  1. Roll random number x = rand(14, 20)
  2. If x < Strength then damage is increased
  3. Roll random number y = rand(0, 2)
  4. Damage increased by y * (Strength - x)

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