Sword and Hand
Release date April 14 2003 (Update)
Nation Arad Doman
Base Bandar Eban

The Sword and Hand is a Justice Clan representing the nation of Arad Doman.

Joining[edit | edit source]

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Ranks[edit | edit source]

  • Rank 1: Cadet
  • Rank 2: Trooper
  • Rank 3: Gatekeeper
  • Rank 4: Master of Guards
  • Rank 5: Swordsworn
  • Rank 6: Herald of Honor
  • Rank 7: Keeper of Tomes
  • Rank 8: Sword of Valor
  • Rank 9: Sword and Hand of Justice

Clan Gear[edit | edit source]

Equipment Retools[edit | edit source]

  • Kit 1
    • <worn on head> a coif of blued-steel lined in fur
    • <worn on body> a tunic of blue scales
    • <worn on arms> a set of riveted blued-steel chainmail sleeves
    • <worn on hands> a pair of blued scale mail gloves
    • <worn on legs> a pair of riveted blued-steel chainmail leggings
    • <worn on feet> a pair of sapphire-studded boots with blued-steel toes
Human General
PRC Charging Boars
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