Weave Statistics
Release date December 22 2006 (Update)
Clan? Yes
Elements 3E 4A 5F
Sps 15 SPs
Pulses 5
Duration 3 ticks
On Self? n/a
On Engaged? n/a
While Engaged? n/a

Sword of Flame is a weave that, when cast, will form a blade of blazing flame, a 1-handed medium blade that is automatically wielded for the duration of the weave. If the channeler has any wielded weapon at the time of the weaving, the weave will fail.

The sword has a base OB of 100 and PB of 35. The sword's damage is level dependent and has a maximum damage roll of 8d6 at level 49 or higher, making it significantly more effective in melee combat than most medium blades. However, if the channeler releases the Source at any point during the weave's duration (including by entering a stedding or being Shielded), the weave immediately ends and the sword dissipates.

Onle male channelers can learn the Sword of Flame weave.

Syntax: channel 'sword of flame'

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