How to get additional info?

Hello. How do the wiki contributors get the following info?

  • How many sips in a static liquid container? I had the bull-headed idea of repeatedly filling and emptying a container (flask/skin/bucket) and counting the number of times I do so. However, I realized that, for it to work, I needed a fountain that is full, whereas the ones we have in the game world are almost always more than half full. Also, is it even possible to empty a fountain (or even a "shallow" pool, for that matter)
  • Is the object a retool? This one, I'm not sure how to determine. I do suspect that the three water fountains we have (fountain, blue-veined marble, elaborately sculpted) might be retools of each other. Short of interviewing a WoTMUD developer, however, I'm not sure how to confirm this.

It would be useful to have an insider (immortal / game developer) also contributing to the wiki... but that might be wishful thinking. Salamangkero (talk) 12:48, July 21, 2015 (UTC)

  • How many sips in a static liquid container? Two things. First, use a channeler with the Create Water weave to fill the fountain/container. Second, then use the largest portable container you can find (a wooden bucket) to fill/empty as you thought. Bear in mind that, at the end, you'll probably not fill the bucket completely the last time (since all static containers seem to have 10,000 sips so far), but you can always just check the weight of it that last time. Yes, they can be emptied, and I've done so with a number, as you can see on the page.
  • Is the object a retool? I don't think those are retools. A retool only changes the short description of an item, not the ground description, and all of those have their own distinct ground descriptions.
As for Imms contributing, it will never happen, or at least I hope not. Vivienne has admitted that, in the past when there was another wiki, at least 1 Imm would purposefully change stats on items that were posted on that wiki, just to screw over the playerbase. Hopefully the ones we have now are neither so petty nor antagonistic to their own players, but I'd prefer to keep this just player-run. Russ3Z (talk) 13:19, July 21, 2015 (UTC)