City pages

Might it not be a good idea to link to the city pages here? As things stand, it takes a little digging to get to them, which reduces their value to newer players looking for key information about a new city. TheElyse (talk) 14:43, April 26, 2014 (UTC)

I agree, I've simply not yet had time to properly organize. Right now, the cities are categorized by what Region (nation, kingdom, city-state, etc) they are in. I have an organizational template (Template:Regions but no page for that yet. I may just leave it here and possibly rename it.
I also need to go back to each city/town/village page and add a 'Cities' category or some such.
As for this page, would you prefer to see it link to the various nations only, or the nations with all cities underneath, or what? For now I've simply placed a list of the regions as they appear in the navbox, along with the navbox itself at the bottom. A section for Zones has also been included. Perhaps a Cities section (cities, towns, villages - anything that has a shop, mobs of interest, etc in this case) would also be appropriate? Russ3Z (talk) 16:44, April 26, 2014 (UTC)

Potential regions to delete

I'm considering getting rid of a few regions that are underpopulated and/or redundant in some way. The following come to mind:

  1. Braem Wood - This is one of those regions that are vaguely defined geographically, but whose zones are mostly (possibly entirely?) contained within the political boundaries of Andor. The would include the Forgotten Braem N of 4 Kings, the eponymous "Braem Wood" NE of Whitebridge, the "Braem and Grass NE of Caemlyn (now renamed North of Aringill), and potentially the Outskirts of Whitebridge zone just north of the town. The two Evil Braem zones could also possibly be considered part of this. An alternative to removal of this region is to simply have all or most of the zones included in both "The Braem Wood" as well as Andor.
  2. Kintara - Unless the northern portions of the Glancor zone are within the boundaries of this, the only known zone would be The Hills of Kintara. I'll check the Glancor part when I get a chance, but if the there is really only 1 zone, I'd likely propose deleting this region and putting The Hills of Kintara in Andor.
  3. Toman Head - This has 2 zones, and is often considered somewhat separate from Almoth Plain, yet an argument could be made to lump it in there since almoth does not represent any political entity.

Please post any other thoughts or suggestions. Russ3Z (talk) 20:43, January 4, 2017 (UTC)

Map Thumbnail/Link doesn't work

I'm not sure how to fix this, but we can't access the link to the big map any more. 03:13, May 6, 2018 (UTC)

nvm Russ responded on his talk page, it's a file size issue. 03:15, May 6, 2018 (UTC)