Zone Statistics
Zone 041 - Tear
Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
Region Tear
Number 041
Grid Unknown edit
Repop Unknown edit
Creator Nass

Tear (zone) is one of the two zones which together form the city of Tear, in Tear.

Zone ConnectionsEdit



Item Room Qty. Notes
a cup The Golden Cup 1 contains hot, bitter tea
a bright blue rose Flower Shop 1
a finely woven Tairen rug A White Domed Palace 1
a gold crown A White Domed Palace 3
a length of rope The City Docks 1
a long-stemmed crimson rose Flower Shop 1


Item Room Qty. Notes
a fountain Tear Central Square 1



Mob Room Qty. Notes


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a bloodstock stallion A Painted Stable
A Painted Stable


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a Defender of the Stone
a grand master The Golden Cup 1
a grim storyteller A White Domed Palace 1
a man (5) Various
a master blacksmith 1
a sailor
a skilled craftswoman 1
a sturdy Defender of the Stone
a weaponsmith A Smithy
Amianna the Gleeman's seamstress 1
an elegant dancer The Star 1
Bertrand 1
Cavan Lopar Reception of the White Crescent 1
Jaref Ronul, Scribe Administration Partner The White Crescent 1
Meia din Suthon 1
Nedin of the land A Wooden Shack 1 Hunter trainer
the actor Tear Theater 2
the sage Various 1
the seamstress A Townhouse 1
the Tear town crier Tear Central Square 1
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