Tell is a command which sends a message to a specific player.

In addition, an update on May 28 2015 added a new option to tell guardian prerolledstats which will assign prerolled stats for level 3 human hunters, rogues, and warriors.

A further update on October 9 2016 enabled clanned characters to use the tell guardian prerolledstats command to receive a clan-specific practice bonus. <expand this and link to a page for this>

In Game Description[]

Syntax: tell <player> <message>

Used to tell another player a message privately. Tell can be used to talk to
another player anywhere in the game, provided they are visible and awake.
As with all communication channels, abuse is not tolerated, so continual
telling to someone which is aggravating will result in removal of telling

> tell Mournblade Hi! How's life?

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