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The DoorLine template is used to start tables commonly used in zone pages to provide a listing of doors that are found in the zone. It also helps to provide a uniform look of how the zone information is presented for all articles about zones on the wiki.


{{DoorLine|name=hollowboard|search=<86%|lock=No|pick=No|key=No|room=Inside the Battered Hold}}
{{DoorLine|name=frontdoor|search=<45%|lock=No|pick=No|key=No|room=Outside the Farmhouse}}
{{DoorLine|name=cellardoor|search=<91%|lock=Yes|pick=<95%|key=a dull black key|room=A Decrepit Home}}


Name Search Lock Pick Key Room
hollowboard <86% No No No Inside the Battered Hold
frontdoor <45% No No No Outside the Farmhouse
cellardoor <91% Yes <95% a dull black key A Decrepit Home


  • name: the door name
  • search: search % required to find the door
  • lock: Yes/No for whether the door is locked or not
  • pick: If pickable give a %, if not specify "No", if not locked specify "n/a"
  • key: If opened by a key add link to the key, if not specify "No", if not locked specify "n/a"
  • room: name of the room which loads the door

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