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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)


This template is used to create an item infobox.


Type {{infobox item|<...>}} at start of article, with parameters as shown below.


For item infoboxes, please copy the appropriate example for the type of item:


  1. release - Item's release date, if known
  2. update - Update post for item's release, if known
  3. tested - Last date item's stats were tested
  4. type - Item type <angreal/armor/chit/container/food/key/light/liquid container/misc/money/note/pen/potion/sheath/ter'angreal/weapon>
  5. slot1 - Item slot <ground/none/light/wielded/held/back/belt/finger/neck/body/wrist/waist/head/chest/arms/hands/legs/feet/shield/head (horse)/body (horse)/waist (horse)/belt (horse)/feet (horse)>
  6. slot2 - Item slot <held/back/belt/finger/neck/body/wrist/waist/head/chest/arms/hands/legs/feet>
  7. slot3 - Item slot <held/back/belt/finger/neck/body/wrist/waist/head/chest/arms/hands/legs/feet>
  8. slot4 - Item slot <held/back/belt/finger/neck/body/wrist/waist/head/chest/arms/hands/legs/feet>
  9. dmg type - Weapon damage type (slash/pierce/etc)
  10. dmg roll - Weapon damage roll (xdy format such as 3d4)
  11. ob - Offensive bonus of weapon
  12. db - Dodge bonus of armor/trinket
  13. pb - Parry bonus of weapon/armor/trinket
  14. hands - Hands needed to wield weapon = 1, 2, or 1.5 (can be wielded either 1 or 2-handed)
  15. mvs - Movement points given/taken by item
  16. abs - Absorption %
  17. weight - Weight
  18. capacity - Container capacity in lbs
  19. key - Optional name of key used to open container
  20. sips - Liquid container capacity in sips
  21. nibbles - Food points in nibbles
  22. uses - Number of times a Key may be used, or which Potion(s) an Herb is an ingredient of
  23. rent - Rent cost
  24. value - Item value (for shops, also equal to rent credit given when sold to an inn)
  25. ingreds - Ingredients for Potions
  26. effect1 - Special effects for Food, Potions, and Ter'angreal
  27. effect2 - Special effects for Potions, Ter'angreal
  28. sex - Sex for Angreal
  29. charges - Charges (number of uses) for Angreal and Ter'angreal
  30. sps - Spell point cost reduction for Angreal
  31. duration - Duration of special effect for Food, Potions, and Ter'angreal

  32. sheath1 - If item cannot sheath, then input "no",
  33. sheath2 - and omit the additional sheath fields.
  34. sheath3 - If known to sheath but no examples known,
  35. sheath4 - then input "yes".
  36. sheath5 - Otherwise, spell out the full name of each
  37. sheath6 - weapon type known, up to 8 supported currently.
  38. sheath7 - If additional types are suspected but not known,
  39. sheath8 - then input "?" or "??" into the next empty field.

    Optional additional fields for special info
  40. throw - Projectiles/javelins handled automatically. For sblades, copper headed axe, spears, input "yes" if throwable, "no" if not, and "?" or "??" if not sure
  41. noloc - If No-locate, input "yes"
  42. rarity - Input "rare" or "unique" if applicable
  43. dark - If Dark item, input "yes"
  44. quest - If Quest item, input "yes"
  45. craft - If craftable, input "yes"
  46. butcher - If butcherable, input "yes"
  47. cook - If cookable, input "yes"
  48. brew - If brewable, input "yes"
  49. mob - Input name of nation or group item is associated with
  50. clan - If clan trinket, input clan name
  51. base - If clan trinket, input item trinket is based off, if any
  52. holiday - Input "christmas", "halloween", etc if temp holiday item
  53. other - Any extra info not belonging to a field above

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