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The MobTableHead template is used to start tables commonly used in mob pages to provide a listing of items that load on that mob. It also helps to provide a uniform look of how the mob information is presented for all articles about mobs on the wiki.


{{MobLine|item=a crested helm|slot=Head|rarity=100%}}
{{MobLine|item=a pair of leather half-gauntlets|slot=Hands|rarity=100%}}
{{MobLine|item=a pair of light leather boots|slot=Feet|rarity=100%}}
{{MobLine|item=a pair of thin leather leggings|slot=Legs|rarity=100%}}
{{MobLine|item=a thin mail shirt|slot=Chest|rarity=100%}}
{{MobLine|item=a two-fisted flamberge|slot=Long blade|rarity=??}}
{{MobLine|item=a two-handed broadsword|slot=Long blade|rarity=??}}
{{MobLine|item=a well-oiled leather coat|slot=Body|rarity=100%}}
{{MobLine|item=a copper penny|retool=a copper penny (4)|slot=Coin|rarity=100%}}


Item Slot Rarity
a crested helm Head 100%
a pair of leather half-gauntlets Hands 100%
a pair of light leather boots Feet 100%
a pair of thin leather leggings Legs 100%
a thin mail shirt Chest 100%
a two-fisted flamberge Long blade ??
a two-handed broadsword Long blade ??
a well-oiled leather coat Body 100%
a copper penny (4) Coin 100%

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