Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

The StoreTableHead template is used to start tables commonly used in Shops to provide a listing of items that are found in that shop. It also helps to provide a uniform look of how the shop information is presented for all articles about shops on the wiki.


{{StoreLine|name=a package of dried rations|sell=37}}
{{StoreLine|name=a hunk of beef|sell=23}}
{{StoreLine|name=a mutton shank|sell=18}}
{{StoreLine|name=a large fillet of meat|sell=15}}
{{StoreLine|name=a mid-sized slice of meat|sell=5}}
{{StoreLine|name=a small cut of meat|sell=1}}


Item Cost Notes
a package of dried rations 37 coppers
a hunk of beef 23 coppers
a mutton shank 18 coppers
a large fillet of meat 15 coppers
a mid-sized slice of meat 5 coppers
a small cut of meat 1 coppers

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