Mob Statistics
Release date July 5 2004 (Update)
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Human Male 60
HPs MVs Dmg
660 - 672 N/A
Height Weight BMI
Unknown edit Unknown edit Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit
Special Smob


The Altaran Kingpin is a human smob loading just south of Remen, in Altara.


"The local bandit leader sizes you up and snickers softly.

An olive-skinned bandit chief is laughing obnoxiously with his cohorts. Dressed in fine silks with a long flowing vest in Altaran high fashion, you can tell that the life of crime has been good for him. Noticing your intrusion, he sizes you up and snickers confidently."

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Zone Room Qty. Notes
Northern Plains of Altara 1 with 5x greedy highwaymen


The Altaran Kingpin does not have faceoff, does not emote, and is not rescued by his guards. He can be targeted with Ice Spikes. A brute force attack with all members targeting the Kingpin should result in his demise without undue hardship.


Item Slot Rarity
a thick brown sack Held 8/8
a ring of silver Finger 8/8
a rimmed round helmet Head 1/8
a shoufa with a gray veil Head 7/8
a shadowy vest Chest 4/8
a tunic of finely-crafted chain Chest 4/8
a light pair of leather coverings Arms 7/8
a pair of riveted chainmail sleeves Arms 1/8
a sturdy pair of full leather gauntlets Hands 3/8
a thin pair of leather gloves Hands 5/8
a ridged steel bracer Wrist 3/8
a blue steel scimitar Wielded 1/8
a bone-handled blade Wielded 1/8
a plain, slightly curved blade Wielded 3/8
a ring-quilloned sword Wielded 3/8
a bronze belt of odd design Waist 8/8
a soft leather pouch Belt 8/8
a mirrored lantern Inside a soft leather pouch 8/8
a pair of silken black pants Legs 6/8
a set of riveted chainmail leggings Legs 2/8
a pair of animal-fur boots Feet 4/8
a pair of light leather boots Feet 4/8
a gold crown (20) Inside a thick brown sack (10)
Inside a soft leather pouch (10)

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