Shop Info
Release date Unknown edit
Type Armor
Location Cairhien
Proprietor Unknown edit
Hours 5 am - 12 pm, 2 pm - 9 pm
Sell Rate 1.6x
Buy Rate 0.5x
Special Unknown edit

The Beaten Anvil is an Armor and Weapon shop located in Cairhien.

Inventory on Boot

Item Cost Notes
a dagger 19 coppers
a dark oak javelin 960 coppers
a heavy gilded glaive 160 coppers
a hollow steel lance 1984 coppers
a light metal javelin 59 coppers
a metal helmet 48 coppers
a pair of metal half-gauntlets 160 coppers
a pair of thin metal boots 160 coppers
a pair of thin metal leggings 52 coppers
a ring-quilloned sword 1280 coppers
a shiny copper dagger 8 coppers
a steel-shafted lance 880 coppers
a sword sheath 24 coppers
a tanned reptile tail 41 coppers
a winged spear with silver etching 96 coppers