Zone Statistics
Zone 303 - The Coastal Roadway
Release date January 19 2005 (Update)
Status Active
Region Illian
Number 303
Grid Unknown edit
Repop Unknown edit
Creator Vivienne and Elysia

The Coastal Roadway is a zone straddling the border between Illian and Tear.

Zone ConnectionsEdit




Item Room Qty. Notes
a brightly colored carrot Truffle Mushrooms Below the Oak Tree 3
a clump of tabac A Camp Among the Marked Redwoods 1
a dirty rock Coastal Road By the Edge of the Salt Desert 1
a dull-gleaming hunk of rock A Glossy Black Stretch of the Coastal Roadway 1
a hammer By the Decrepit Water Mill 1
a mushroom (queenscrown) Truffle Mushrooms Below the Oak Tree 1
a mushroom (poison) Truffle Mushrooms Below the Oak Tree
The Ancient Redwoods
a piece of sandstone Mirages Above the Salt 1
a stout longbow Truffle Mushrooms Below the Oak Tree 1
an oilstone Along a Dangerous Path 1 Near the Fort


Item Room Qty. Notes
a bubbling spring The Forest Spring 1
a campfire A Camp Among the Marked Redwoods 1
a clear pond A Stream by the Road 1
a fallen tree By the Timber Felling Area 1
a trickling stream Susurration by the Stream 1



Mob Room Qty. Notes


Mob Room Qty. Notes
an enormous bright-red salamander
an unshaven man At the Edge of a Cliff 1
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