Shop Info
Release date Unknown edit
Type Weapon
Location Lugard
Proprietor Unknown edit
Hours Unknown edit
Sell Rate 1.4x - 1
Buy Rate Unknown edit
Special Unknown edit

The Heavy Fist is a Weapon shop located in Lugard.

Inventory on Boot

Item Cost Notes
a ball-and-chain 23 coppers
a cudgel 5 coppers
a hammer 20 coppers
a heavy club 104 coppers
a hefty mace 18 coppers
a hooked pole 19 coppers
a long length of metal chain 6 coppers
a long poleaxe 139 coppers
a nasty spiked club 6 coppers
a sturdy bamboo staff 12 coppers
a war hammer 83 coppers
an iron morning star 27 coppers