Zone Statistics
Zone 065 - The Hills of Kintara.png
Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
Region Kintara
Number 065
Grid (5,-2)
Repop 60 tics
Creator Zira

The Hills of Kintara is a zone in Kintara.

Zone Connections


Name Search Lock Pick Key Room
creepers no no No Entrance of a Shadowy Cave
deadbark >14 no no No Through Barren Hills
greenwall >53 no no No A Dead End to the Passage
stonewall >14 no no No Barren Hills
vinedoor no no No Narrow Valley




Item Room Qty. Notes
a mushroom (poison) Dark Cave 2
a mushroom (queenscrown) A Large Cavern
Inside a Sink Hole
Within a Cave
a sack of green ivy A Red Brick Farmstead 1 Stables area
a tincture of a thick yellow liquid Hill of Wildflowers 1 Near turtles
an oilstone Edge of a Rocky Hill 1 Often picked up by scavenger mobs


Item Room Qty. Notes
a border stone Road Into the Hills 1
a hanging lantern Caemlyn Road
The Village of Kintara
an old bell A Wisdom's House 1



Mob Room Qty. Notes
the chief of the wretches A Large Cavern 1 Behind "greenwall" door


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a black stallion Wanders 1 Ridden by a horse thief
a draft horse A Wooden Stable 1
a shaggy brown mare A Small Stable 1


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a black bear Dark Cave 2
a brown deer Various
a busy bee Various
a coyote
Clive The Village of Kintara 1 Quest Giver
a cruel-looking bandit Deep Into Barren Hills 1 With 2x gruff bandits
a frightened young thief Various
a giant bee Various
a gruff bandit Deep Into Barren Hills 2 With 1x cruel bandit
a handsome stag Various
a horse thief (30) Wanders 1 Mounted on a black stallion
a lynx
a red fox
a sheep
a small bloodsucking insect Various
a snapping turtle Quiet Pond in the Hills 2
a stout young sapling Various Respawn mobol
a thief (10) Wanders 1 In wretch cave
a timber wolf
a vernarsh Dark Cave 2
a wretch Various 14 In wretch cave
an elk
the Coachman Coach Stop at the Junction by Caemlyn 1
the young buck Various
Cities Kintara Village
Smobs the chief of the wretches
Zones The Hills of Kintara