Zone Statistics
Zone 058 - Lugard Highway.png
Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
Region Murandy
Number 058
Grid (3,-2)
Repop Unknown edit
Creator Nokraenom

The Lugard Highway is a zone located north of the city of Lugard and south of Four Kings.

Zone Connections[edit | edit source]

Doors[edit | edit source]

Name Search Lock Pick Key Room

Items[edit | edit source]

Portable[edit | edit source]

Item Room Qty. Notes
a dirty rock On a Path 2
a dose of chopped white sheepstongue root At the Base of the Large Tree 2 Farm E of treedoor
a fleshless skull A Spider Lair 1
a handful of acem On a Stone Wall 1
a large spider web
a cask of table wine Wine Room 1
a crate of wine Wine Room 1
an apple an Orchard 4

Stationary[edit | edit source]

Item Room Qty. Notes
a chest Bedroom 1
a clear pond A Placid Pond 1
a fountain Fountain on the Lugard Road 1
an old chest Under a Large Tree 1

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Smobs[edit | edit source]

Mob Room Qty. Notes

Horses[edit | edit source]

Mob Room Qty. Notes
a cow Inside a Barn 2
a draft horse Corral
East of the Lugard Road
a plodding ox Inside a Barn 2
a shadow stallion Stall 1

Other[edit | edit source]

Mob Room Qty. Notes
a black hawk
a bobcat
a brigand sentry Tower Room 1 Inside the Tower just NW of Lugard
a brown deer
a desperate criminal Wine Room 1
a farmer's wife Kitchen 1
a forest boar
a frightened young thief
a giant spider 10?
a half-man Stall 1
a handsome stag
a hard-working farmer Parlor 1
a kaf plant In a Bush 2
a lithe woman Various 1 Inside the Tower just NW of Lugard
a ramshorned trolloc Stall 1
a red-eyed raven
a sheep Inside a Barn 1
a spindly oak sapling A Small Glade 3?
a stout young sapling Behind a Ruined Cottage
In the Brush
In the Brush
a web-like fungus Flooded Basement
In a Bush
a wild goose
an elk
an elk cow
an Ogier stonemason 1
an opossum
an undead servant Various 12 Inside the Tower just NW of Lugard
the ancient tree A Small Glade
In a Tangle of Trees
the giant tarantula A Spider Lair
Under a Spider Lair
the hog
the young buck
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