Shop Info
Release date Unknown edit
Type Weapon
Location The Eye of the World
Proprietor a weaponsmith
Hours Unknown edit
Sell Rate 1x
Buy Rate Unknown edit
Special Unknown edit

The Master Weaponsmith's Shop is a Weapon shop located in The Eye of the World.

Inventory on Boot

Item Cost Notes
a basket-hilted longblade 10 coppers
a bent hunting spear 3 coppers
a chipped bastard sword 10 coppers
a dagger 12 coppers
a dented mace 3 coppers
a dirk 50 coppers
a dull glaive 3 coppers
a falchion 40 coppers
a fencing foil 10 coppers
a gnarled wooden staff 3 coppers
a lathe practice sword 5 coppers
a long lathe practice sword 5 coppers
a long, heavy knife 16 coppers
a long-handled war axe 25 coppers
a rusty dagger 1 coppers
a single-edged battleaxe 80 coppers
a stiletto 20 coppers
a tarnished flail 3 coppers
a two-fisted flamberge 200 coppers
a woodcutter's axe 3 coppers
an ebony shortblade 36 coppers

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