Zone Statistics
Zone 257 - The Shadow Coast East
Release date December 29 2003 (Update)
Status Active
Region The Shadow Coast
Number 257
Grid Unknown edit
Repop Unknown edit
Creator Fyrien

The Shadow Coast East is a zone on the Shadow Coast. It contains Stedding Mardoon.

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Item Room Qty. Notes
a bright blue rose A Flowery Hillside 2
a long-stemmed crimson rose A Flowery Hillside 2
a dull-gleaming hunk of rock A Ruined Tower 2
a piece of white willow bark A Field of Wildflowers 2
a sack of green ivy Before a Tunnel 1
some brown kaf beans Before a Tunnel 1
a vial of powdered red gheandin blossom Before a Tunnel 1


Item Room Qty. Notes
a sleek green coach Stedding Mardoon 1



Mob Room Qty. Notes
the ogier Treesinger various in Stedding Mardoon 1


Mob Room Qty. Notes


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a smuggler chief 1
The Shadow Coast

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Smobs a swarthy pirate captain • an Atha'an Miere Sailmistress
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