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Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
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Number 060
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Creator Zun, Fafhrd, Sayuja, Eileen

The Ways are a zone and ancient transportation system devised during the Breaking. Players can use the Ways to move faster between cities than normally. Unlike similar systems, such as Coaches or boats, the Ways can be used by players from all sides regardless of warrants, as long as they are of sufficiently high Level. The Ways are extremely dangerous if not used with caution as the zone contains many death traps and Machin Shin, the black wind.

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Name Search Lock Pick Key Room


Using the Ways involves the "search" skill and while no knowledge of search is needed, it can help your journey through the ways go a lot faster. Firstly to open a waygate, you go to the room the waygate is located and enter the command PULL LEAF. With no search practiced this will take many tries. The higher percentage search you have practiced the less the number of times you will need to enter pull leaf. Once the gate is opened you can enter it by entering the command DOWN.

Once you have gone down, you will always be "At a Vine-Carved Door". From here your only exits will be up, and one other direction, that is always safe. After this you may navigate through the Ways using the exits command. As long as you take your time, and avoid "A Badly Damaged Span" (always lit due to being a deathtrap) the Ways are navigable. There is a basic pattern of rooms that does not seem to change, as per the map picture. This picture does not include the Waygate room, or it's adjoining "Approaching a Vine-Carved Door" room, as these change, and are linked to the nexus rooms highlighted in white, with different exit directions depending on that day's layout.

walkthrough example

Please see an example ways run-through below.

It is recommended to become familiar with the Ways on a trolloc, as you can see all exits. A script to highlight/hide bad exits also helps enormously.


List of Waygates

Zone Room
Shayol Ghul Blighted Grove
Isle Jafar On the Shore of Isle Jafar
Grasslands North of Seandar An Odd Tree
Treacherous Mountains Atop The Spine
East City of Tanchico Along Andahar Boulevard
North Misty Mountains Misty Pass
Tar Valon Road South of Tar Valon Amongst the Ancient Headstones


An update to the game on July 30, 2017 returned the original version of the Ways.

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